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“I just wanted to thank you for everything you helped us with regarding our home. I am thankful that you all were able to stop the foreclosure and get it back into our name when the bank sold it at auction in the middle of doing a loan mod. That was a nightmare.” Natalie L.

At The Law Offices of John T. Dzialo we provide advanced representation to clients in all areas of real estate law including: defending the client’s home from foreclosure, negotiating loan modifications, reversing foreclosure, negotiating short sale agreements, landlord tenant disputes, real estate acquisitions and sales. With the understanding that most cases never go to trial, we aggressively negotiate with the opposition in an attempt to reach an acceptable resolution for our clients without the costs of prolonged litigation and/or trial. However, if need be we are ready to take the opposing party to trial and hold them accountable!

Our fundamental success as a law firm has always been in building quality relationships with our clients. All of our clients are treated with respect for their individual goals and objectives.

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 Real Estate and Mortgage Division

John T. Dzialo

John Thomas Dzialo Esq.

John T. Dzialo has 37 years experience in litigating real estate and mortgage lending cases. He has served nearly 20 years as General Counsel to a number of California mortgage lenders, bankers and real estate developers. John is widely recognized for his skills in handling complex cases and cutting to the heart of critical issues.

A graduate of the John Marshall School of Law in Chicago, Illinois, he is licensed in both Illinois and California, and admitted to practice in both State and Federal courts.

In a recently settled case (Yvette P. vs. Chase Bank),  John obtained  a reversal of a completed foreclosure, a complete lien strip ($550,000) and a full reimbursement of the client’s legal expenses.

We build our cases by listening closely to the client, and by gathering the relevant information so we can understand exactly what has happened to you and how it has effected your life and your family. After analyzing your case in detail, we will discuss your case with you in a frank and open fashion. We will agree to represent you only if we are 100% certain that you fully understand the possible reward, the potential risks and the likely expense. Above all we believe that the only accountable solution to your legal problem is the one that serves your best interests.